Developer with 18 years of experience building websites and web applications including front-end development, database design, mobile, social media strategy and accessible site design.


Senior Software Developer at Rezora

  • Responsible for systems' email deliverability
  • Account setup for new clients
  • Development of new features and system enhancements
  • Coding HTML email templates
  • System Tech Support in Zendesk and LiveChat

Web Developer at Kellen Interactive

  • Lead Developer for Georgia Natural Gas and Ohio Natural Gas websites
  • Drupal and Wordpress theming and customizations
  • Photographer for company events
  • Developed social media strategies for clients

Web Developer at Web Hugh Inc.

  • Developed all projects with a focus on advanced CSS and standard compliant XHTML.
  • Responsible for implementing design concepts to graphic designer's specifications.
  • Performed basic graphic design as needed.

Web Developer at G-A Communications

  • Project lead and primary contact for the largest account, and all related Safeway branded sites (,,, and
  • Oversaw maintenance, redesigns, new development, and integration of third-party systems for numerous Safeway sites and applications.
  • Planned and performed weekly updates to HTML and database content for all Safeway sites.

Lead Web Designer at DDL of Georgia State University

  • Supervised the development, and maintenance of 30 websites and web projects.
  • Worked closely with award-winning faculty to create course content and interactive learning tools using Flash.
  • Supervised a staff of 3 web designers, 1 graphic designer, and 6 student employees.
  • Co-presented with faculty at educational conferences.
  • Provided faculty support to faculty web users at University.
  • Worked with managers to produce all departmental reports and policies

Contract Web Developer at Elemental Interactive

  • Projects include: Firstwave corporate site, Macromedia IR, Avaya, and Georgia Pacific